KiddyGuard® Accent- Black (Up to 100cm)

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Brand: Lascal
Product Code: KiddyGuard® Accent- Black

by Lascal

Product Features

New elegant design - The mesh rolls into an aluminium casing protecting it from dirt, wear and tear and providing the KiddyGuard® Accent an attractive, elegant design.

Minimal space needed - Almost 'invisible' when not in use. Leaves the door or stairway free.

No threshold - When opened, no part of the KiddyGuard Avant is left in your way - No threshold = No trip hazard across the opening

Easy to use - Easily operated with one hand while carrying your child.
Easy to fix- Fits openings up to 100 cm (40 in.). Mounting Kit for fixing onto wood, brick or concrete wall is included. 

Locks open or closed- The KiddyGuard® Avant obviously stays locked when closed, but also when open, so children can’t use it as a toy.

You can manually open and lock the gate as you wish. 

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