Chicco UltraSoft Infant Carrier

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Brand: Chicco
Product Code: UltraSoft Infant Carrier
SKU: CC602548

by Chicco

Product features

Designed in Italy, the UltraSoft Front Infant Carrier provides extra comfortable lining and adjustable padded straps for the comfort of both mommy and baby.

* Soft breathable lining gives baby a cool, padded, comfortable ride 
* Unique cuddle pocket lets baby feel your comforting touch 
* Mesh side panels increase ventilation and comfort 
* Three adjustable padded straps for proper fit and shoulder comfort 
* Machine washable fabric for easy care and maintenance 
* Snap-on towel protects clothes from dribbles and drools

Age / Weight Capacity

* Recommended for use with 3.4 to 12kgs


Colour: Black/ ELM

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