Theraline Super Size Pillow (Blue)

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Brand: Theraline
Product Code: Theraline Super Size Pillow

by Theraline

Product Features

  • The original Theraline Maternity & nursing pillow
  • Extra-long surface bends the way you like
  • Innovative flexible and stable filing support for the pregnant body
  • Feels like sand yet light as a feather , fine sand-like micro-bead filling
  • Velvety-soft will covers comfortable support in any position ,whether lying down, sitting
  • Antiallergenic, warm, breathable
  • Toxproof certificate
  • Refillable inlet pillow as lateral sleeping and leg support, relief for legs, belly and stressed back


Color: Blue Chambray

Pillow Size: 190cm x 40cm

Filling quantity: 28 litres

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