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Product Features

  • Double Electric Breastpump for complete mobility
  • Optimal Individuality, vacuum strength and cycle rhythm can be individually adjusted at anytime, up to 64 combination modes 
  • "VacuuSeal" technology prevents milk contamination
  • Various size of breast shell suitable for any kind of breastfeeding condition. E.g.: 26mm, 28mm and 31mm. 
  • "OptiFlow" Massage Insert encourages milk flow 
  • Bispenol A (BPA Free) 
  • Clear LED display shows setting data and breastfeeding status 
  • Compact design and the reduced sound level of the working unit allow discreet expression
  • Either electric-powered or battery-powered unit 
  • Add-on: An attractive breastfeeding bag, a cold bag with 3 cooling elements, brush for cleaning and 6 additional bottle set
  • In stimulation mode or in expression mode, vacuum and cycles can be individually adjusted at any time!
  • With cool bag and related accessories
  • Conversion handle included so that it can be used as a manual pump as well
  • Calypso comes as either a mains or a battery-powered unit
  • Three different breast shell sizes included
  • Complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, thanks to "Vacuum Seal"-Technology
  • Optiflow actively massages the breast
  • Efficient and comfortable expressing experience
  • The compact design and the reduced sound level allow discreet expression

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