Mio Intro Kit (S)

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Brand: Bambino Mio
Product Code: Mio Intro Kit (S)

by Bambino Mio

Product Features

  • Introductory kit of Bambino Mio nappy system for new parent 
  • Contains 3 nappies, 1 nappy cover, 50 nappy liners, 100g Miofresh nappy cleanser and a user guide
  • Made of finest quality cotton that is soft and so it feels comfortable next to baby's sensitive skin
  • Made of breathable material so it allows the baby's skin to breathe and maintain a healthy temperature
  • Naturally absorbent so there's no need for gels or chemicals near your baby delicate skin to artificially increase absorbency

Age / Weight Capacity

Age: New born 

Weight: Up to 5kg

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